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Olymel in Yamachiche: A major, defining project

Work is well under way at the ATRAHAN, division of Olymel hog slaughtering, butchering and deboning facility in Yamachiche, which is expected to be completed for 2019. This project, valued at close to $110 million, is the Quebec pork industry’s most important in many years, resulting from the partnership between Olymel and Groupe Robitaille in Lucyporc, announced in 2015. This partnership consists in reorganizing and modernizing ATRAHAN, division of Olymel and is intended to double the facility’s surface area and merge its activities with the Lucyporc plant. The facility is also located in Yamachiche. The new facility will mainly produce value-added products, niche products (Mugifuji and Nagano) and chilled pork. Other phases of this megaproject, including the construction of a new shipping room, will follow the preliminary and completed work, such as the construction of a 500-space parking lot. The work also includes the development of a service room and a hog receiving area, the installation of a CO2 anaesthesia system, a new butchering and packaging room, as well as a new cold room. Once completed and operational, the Yamachiche plant will count more than 1,000 employees, bringing together the 400 workers currently employed at ATRAHAN, division of Olymel, Lucyporc’s 430 employees and 350 new employees. The expansion work has not interfered with operations, which represent a tremendous achievement.